Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week 12: Update with Pictures


Sorry this is a bit late. These are the emails Elder Myler sent 12/16/13:

To Mom:
Hello mom, so i finally got the packages you sent and they were great, thanks a ton for the food and other stuff. In the letter you sent you said you were worried that i dont eat enough but i do. dont worry about me mom i am doing just fine, in fact i am at 160 lbs now so i have allready gained a little weight :) also i dont have the opportunity to take many pictures because missonaries cant look like tourest and that my camera would probably get stolen. Just know that i am in Guayaquil and that it is a huge city so i am surrounded by buildings all the time. Now for Christmas, we either get a phone call or skype so i will probably choose skype. it wont be on the 25 because we will be staying inside all day ( it isnt very safe during holidays lots of drinking in the streets) and so it will probably be on the 24th. i can only talk to family so dont invite any friends because i could get in trouble. also i dont have a microwave. trust me mom everything is a ok. you dont need to worry about me!
Con Amor ELder Myler 

To Dad:
Hey dad thanks for the update it is good to hear that things are going well and that torrin is home, tell him I say hi from ecuador! It sounds like Ecuador and costa rica are fairly similar. very hot and almost no one has an air conditoner, no rain yet but im sure i will get my fill of rain eventually. I am haveing the same type of exsperince with spanish as torrin had. all my studies and practice is in spanish so i only know how to give lessons, my spanish has improved a lot so i will get the hang of it with time. the other gringo in my apartment got transfered so i dont have anyone to translate for me, which is good and bad (mostly good i will learn faster) but it will be just a little bit tougher right now, it good to hear you are staying active and i am proud to know your gonna run a marathon. it is good you have set a goal for your self, i have learned a lot about goal setting here and how important it is. I love you and am so glad for all you support Dad
Con Amor Elder Myler 
To Chelsey:
  Haha thanks for the email, everything is going well here. Last week was pretty good. our zone went to the temple this last week and it was a great exsperince for me. the Guayaquil temple is very beautiful. 

 Thanks for stopping by!

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