Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week Eleven: Update


Thanks for stopping by. Here is what Elder Myler has to say for this week!

To Mom:
Hi Mom!
it good to hear that torrin is gonna be home soon, try not to think about me too much i will be home very soon, time here is flying by and i am close to completing three months in the mission so it wont be that long. I am so proud the Xmas party went well, i was also excited to see my plaque it is weird seeing that picture of me becasue i look very young. I actually havent received either package yet do. It is possible the package have been lost. I dont know much about mail here so be careful when you send packages. I hope Marcus is doing good, hopefully he enjoys being back in theatre and finds some new friends. I still dont know what the plan is for Xmas, so for now just keep your schedule fairly open from the 24 to the 26 i will be sure to do everything i can to let you guys know when i will be calling so you can be ready. I miss you a lot and look forward to seeing and hearing you
Con Amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
thanks for sending the picture dad, it is funny i look so young in that picture, i dont have more photos to send but i will try and get some new ones to send soon. thanks for sending that message from president Monson, you would be surprised how lost i feel sometimes. Missonary work defidently isnt the easiest thing i have done and it all feels a bit overwhelming at times. but i know this is where i am suppose to be and that tough times in life help make us stronger and make the good times even better, i love you dad and thank you for all the support, i feel like i am home just a little bit when i get to read your emails every week. Its not too long till Xmas so i will be working hard and looking forward to talking to you, mom, and marcus (Jetter too)
Con amor Elder Myler

To Chelsey:
haha dont worry about the short email Chelsey! I am very busy too and probably couldnt write much at the end day here, I dont have any new photos this week ( sorry) but will try get more soon, the seasons here are a little different so we are going into the warm season, it has been pretty hot, it still hasnt rained but that is ok with me, they say the streets can get flooded if it rains too much. being in the Chrismas season means i am thinking about you and everyone else in the family, but i am thinking about Jesus too and his life here on earth. I need his help here in ecuador more than i ever did back at home so it makes me happy to know how much love he has for me and that he has felt what i have felt and that if he can do so much for us all. i can do a little for him here and help others accept his gosple. I am so thankful for this chance to be and i am so thankful for you support.
Con amor Elder Myler

That is all for this week! Thanks! 

With love, 


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