Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 18: Update


Here is the update from Elder Myler from 1/27/13!

To Mom:
Hey mom it  is good to hear from you and i appreciate the update. I live in a small apartment with my companion and no one else. the apartment is pretty small but for two elders it no big deal. my companion and i walk just about everywhere we go during a normal day. We will only take transportation when we half to  travel outside our area ( which is usually just to the stake center for district mettings or activities) and we usually take a taxi or the bus. but in this area people also have what are called trecemotos it is bascically a moter cycle with a little trailer attached for pasangers. the rain is usually in the morning and the nights so it isnt all that bad. but it has rained fairly hard in the afternoon once or twice. but i alway have my umbrella wiht me so i manage just fine. My shoes are doing ok, i dont think they will last the whole mission but   i will use them for as long as possible before i buy a new pair.  and besides that not much has changed, i may be in a different area but i am still in Guayaquil so things are still kind of similar. I have also finished my in feild training and i think my next companinon  will be a new missonary that i will train. it is exciting and scary because my spanish is still not all that good. thats not to say i  am not progressing with the language its just i still dont full understand everything that is spoken to me. But i have faith that i will be just fine. iam  also sorry to say that i havent gotten any of the packages you guys have sent.  but i will be paitent! 
LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU time is going by very fast it will truly be mothers day in no time

To Dad:
thanks a ton for the line of athourit y dad! i will be sure to use this whenever i teach about the priesthood. Sorry to hear about the marathon Im sure you will have plenty of opportunities in teh future to run a marathon. This past week was a very good one for me. i am getting use to my new area and my spanish is getting better, i finished my in feild training and am no longer a ¨new misonary¨ it is amazing the things i have learned  in these past four months.  time is truly flying by for me and  it get easier to enjoy the mission every day. It still isnt easy but it gets just a bit easier as the days and weeks fly by. before you know it  i willl have 6 months in the mission and will be a quarter of the way done with the mission. As life here gets easier it has been harder to think about life back at home, i get a little home sick now and them but  my  solution to this is just to work harder!  I love you dad and miss  you
Con Amor Elder Myler

So it sounds like Davin is doing great! Thanks for stopping by to read his updates. 
With love,

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