Saturday, January 4, 2014

Week 14: Chirstmas/New Year 2014 Pictures!


A new year is here! That means Elder Myler comes home NEXT year. That is kind of fun to say. :) These are the last emails of 2013. Elder Myler sent these on 12/31/13.

To Mom:
Hello MOM FELIZ navidad y nuevo ano! it was so nice to see and talk with you and dad and i am sure you enjoyed it as well! after talking with you and dad i had a huge desire to work hard and i think talking with you helped with some of the home sickness that came with being away during the holiday season. this week has been similar to last week with the new year. lots of celabrating in the streets witth fireworks and parties. in ecuador everyone makes these huge paper mache figures for the new year and at midnight they light them on fire and set off lots of fireworks. i will try and get some cool pictures of this but they will only be from the roof of our aparment. this new year is gonna be a big one for me and i know i will be working hard And i know that time will fly by and it will be 2015 in no time! Serving a mission has been one of the hardest but best dessision i have made in my life and i hope my mission will have an impact on you guys too!  Only 21 months left, i love you so much and my mission has strenghened my love for you and everyone in our family.
Con Amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
Hey dad, it was so good to see you and mom! i wish marcus could have been there but there is always next time! this holiday season has been different but good for me! being away from family has helped me turn to Jesus and God for support i nomally received from family. I has a wonderful Christmas and am excited for the new year. I was planning on getting a calander but have decided not to, i  think it will be easier to loose myself in the Lord´s service if i dont count down the days, This new year is the year God has given me to Serve Jesus Christ and bring Zion to Ecuador, i will spend every day of 2014 in ecuador on the Lord´s arrand. Time flys when i work hard so i invite you to work hard too and make this year a good but slightly faster year :) I love you so much dad and i know this love and so much more will grow in 2014
Con Anor Elder Myler

To Myler Grandparents (Fred & Brenda):
its was great to hear all about your christmas and all the excitting things you got to do, it good also to hear that Jetter is holding up without me :) tomorrow is the start of a great year for the myler family! i know there will be lots of good times and we will all be growing in spirit together. it is going to be a fast year for me and i hope you guys enjoy 2014 as much as i will! it was also good to hear about Paxton and i will be sure to pray and fast for paxton this month. Keep up your faith and dont let the time fly by too fast!
Con Amor Elder Myler

me and the other elder in my apartment up on the roof during Christmas eve ( we have an old matress that we put on the roof to lay down and chill)

i dont know if this picture was properly sent in the last email, but this is me with our little Chirstmas tree in the apartment

 Woohoo! Only one more Christmas with Elder Myler in Ecuador.

With love, 

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