Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 16: Update


Thanks for stopping by to read Elder Myler's blog. Here are the emails from 1/13/14. We found out he is in a new area with a new companion!

To Mom:
Tuesday.  I was also slammed with work

I'm not completely sure but I think my mom accidently forgot to email Davin this week. 

To Dad:
It is good to hear from you Dad and i am sorry to hear about the premotion trouble. I have learned a lot about paitence here in Ecuador and still have a lot more to learn. My new area is great and there are a lot of differnences here in Colmena. I am still in Guayaquil but here it feels like a diffrent place completely! My last sector was very urban with lots of tall buildings, but now in my new sector it is suberban with less buildings and more small houses. I will keep you updated on everything as i continue to adapt to my new surroundings
Con Amor Elder Myler
That all for this week. Thanks for stopping by!
With love, 

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