Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 19: Update with Photos


This is what I sent Elder Myler this week:
I read this in my daily conference talk. It reminded me so much of you. I am so proud you are a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ. I love you Elder Myler and I pray for you often.

"...Now to the present for an interview I had with a handsome zone leader in the Brazil São Paulo Interlagos Mission. I said to the missionary, “Tell me about your family.” He then relayed the following. He was born into a wealthy family. His father had a responsible position in a multinational corporation. They moved from Brazil to Venezuela. He was one of seven children, all members of the Church. (Sacrifice in the Service)

When the missionary was fifteen years old, his father was shot and killed by a fleeing thief. In a family council it was decided to return to Brazil and invest their savings in the purchase of a small home. A year and a half later, the mother informed the children that she had been diagnosed with cancer. The family used valuable savings to help pay the medical expenses--but to no avail. Six months later the mother passed away, leaving the young family alone. (Sacrifice in the Service)

Our young missionary, Elder Bugs (pronounced Boogs), now sixteen years old, went to work, first selling clothing, then later computer supplies. He used his hard-earned money to support the young family. He said, “We were always blessed to have enough to eat. I would work during the day, then help the children with their studies at night. I especially miss my little sister. I taught her to read.” (Sacrifice in the Service)

Elder Bugs continued, “Then the bishop invited me to come in for an interview. He called me on a mission. I told him I would need to speak with my family first. In our family council, they reminded me that Dad had always taught us that we should be prepared to serve the Lord as full-time missionaries. I accepted the call. When I received my letter from the prophet, I withdrew all my savings. I bought a new suit, a pair of pants, white shirts and ties, and a new pair of shoes. I gave the rest of the money to the bishop (enough for about four months of support for the family). I hugged my little family and left for my mission.” (Sacrifice in the Service)

I looked at that brave young man and I said, “But Elder, with you away, who is taking care of your family?” (Sacrifice in the Service)

“Oh,” he said, “my brother is sixteen. He is the same age I was when our mother died. He is taking care of the family now.” (Sacrifice in the Service)

I had an opportunity recently to talk by telephone with Elder Bugs. He has been home from his mission for six months now. When I asked him how he was doing, he said, “I have a good job again and I am caring for the family, but oh, how I miss my mission. It was the greatest thing I have ever done. I am now helping my younger brother prepare for his mission.” (Sacrifice in the Service)

Why have these great missionaries and others like them been willing to sacrifice the comforts of home, family, loved ones, and sweethearts to answer the call to serve? It’s because they have a testimony of Jesus Christ. And when they know Him there is no bed too short or too hard, no climate too hot or too cold, no food too different or language so strange that they are unwilling to serve Him. No sacrifice is too great to serve the Master, who sacrificed His all to provide the way for His brothers and sisters to return home to their Heavenly Father. And because they are faithful to their callings, thousands will revere their names throughout the eternities." (Sacrifice in the Service)


To Chelsey:
wow chelsey thank you for sending that story, it is such an inspiring message for me. i reely like that last paragraph and i think i will print that and find a place for it near my desk. My time here on the mission has not been very easy, but every day when i get up i take comfort in knowing that what i am doing has an eternal importance and that i have the support of so many people back at home and the support of Heavenly Father and Christ. Thank you for the message chelsey i love you and travis and all the support you give to me. I hope work is going well for you and travis
Con Amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
haha its good to hear i didnt miss much for the super bowl. And that promotion sounds like a good opportunity to me. January was hit and miss for me, while i have  started to adapt to my new surroundings i am also running into new challenges. we only had one baptism this January because our investigators didnt progress very well, my companion and i have high hopes for this month and set a goal for 5 baptisms but so far we have exsperienced more or less of the same. this has stressed me out a bit and my paitence for invastigators and my companion somtimes wears a little thing. But over all i am doing ok. My spanish is still rough but i am starting to say more in lessons and now there is never a time when i go an entire lesson without speaking, so thats good. Good luck with the promotion, and keep working hard.
Con Amor Elder Myler

one of me with my new companion elder bustamante

one of us with our last baptism

me with the other elders in my zone after a game of soccer

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