Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 29: Spanish better than English!

Wow! Elder Myler sent us an email today in Spanish. He is really good!

To Everyone:
HOLA Amigos y familia! voy a practicar mi español con ustedes con una carta! jejejejejej poner este carta en ¨Google translate¨y ver si mi español es bueno o malo. Entonces soy Elder Myler Soy de Arizona, mi hogar esta en un desierto y esta muy calor. Pero me gusta mucho mi hogar porque tengo mucho amigos y miembros de mi familia en Arizon. Ahora soy un misionero de Jesucristo y predicar su evangelio con mucho personas en Guayaquil Ecuador. yo vivo en un parte de Guayaquil se llama La Colmena y el barrio aqui es muy bueno y tengo mucho nuevo amigos aqui en este sector. Como un misionero yo tengo mucho regulas y trabajar todos los dias de la semana, Pero Tengo mucho feliz y gozo en mi corazon por que este mision es una bendicion para mi. Durante seis y media meses yo aprendí bastante cosas acerca de Jesucristo y mi vida. Gracia para su ayudar por mi durante este tiempo de mi vida y escribir mucho mucho mas! les amo cada uno de ustedes y mucho personas mas ( yo amo todos las personas en el mundo jejej) bueno voy a terminar este carta! Siempre tener mi en sus corazones y en sus oraciones.
Con amor Elder Myler

In English (via Google Translater):
HELLO Friends and Family ! I will practice my Spanish with you a letter! jejejejejej put this letter ¨ ¨ Google translate and see if my Spanish is good or bad . So I'm am Elder Myler Arizona , my home is in a desert and is very hot. But I really like my home because I have many friends and family members in Arizona . Now I'm a missionary of Jesus Christ and preach his gospel with great people in Guayaquil Ecuador . I live in a part of Guayaquil called The Hive and the neighborhood is very good here and I have many new friends here in this sector. As a missionary I have lots and adjusts work every day of the week , but I am very happy and joy in my heart for this mission is a blessing for me. At half past six months I learned a lot of things about Jesus Christ and my life. Grace for your help during this time of my life and my writing much more! they love each of you and a lot more people ( I love all the people in the world jejej ) good I will end this letter! Always keep me in your hearts and in your prayers.With love Elder Myler
I think jejeje is Spanish for hahaha
With Love, 

Week 28: 2nd General Conference in the Mission!

Elder Myler's email from 4/7/14:

To Mom:
Hello mom, man the memories that those couches bring back. Haha it is great to see those couches again. I hope you week was as good as mine was, with my second General confrence i have been lifted up and have more animo ( dont know what word i would use in english) :) my spanish is better than i think, my companion is learning english and i have been talking to himn in english in our apartment. But i can hardly make a full sentence with out useing some spanish word. hahah it is great to help him learn english and to receive help from him for my spanish. I am learning and growing every day and am doing everything i can to make everyday specal. Elder Hernandez and i are working hard and i have faith that very soon God will reward our work. I love you mom and miss you so much (Jetter too) but i miss you more than any other person (or dog) in the world. Keep me in your prayers and i will keep you in mine
Con Amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
Hey dad thank you for the picture and for the letter. Wow what a week this was, General confrence was great (despite the fact that it was all in spanish) I didnt understand everything that was said but i got the idea of the talks. My favourite talk was from Elder Dallin H. Oaks about the Priesthood. I learned the importance of humility and obidience when we act in the name of God and that we do not have all the keys of the priesthood. I also enjoyed one talk given by a seventy (whose name i cant remember) about bobsleding and how those athletes in the olympics who train all thier lives for three or four minuits of raceing. The speaker applied this concept to our lives here in the earth but my companion applied the talk to his mission he called his mission his three minuits to serve the lord and that he had to make every moment count. I am going to do this as well and make every moment of the mission specal and meaningful. Things here in the mission are getting better, Elder Hernandez and i are working hard and i have received more enthusisasm to work hard. Siempre doy gracias por su amor y ayudar durante este tiempo de mi vida y voy a continuar a hacer este mission para mi familia y mi Dios. Con todo mi Amor Elder Myler 

Week 27: Update

Elder Myler's emails from 3/31/14:

To Mom:
Hello mom it is good to hear from you. Its great to hear that chelsey will be able to visit. Well it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well right now. The picture of jetter was great thank you mom :) Well i am still in my second area (La Colmena) and have been here for about about three months, there isnt a schedule for transfers so i have no idea how much more time i have in this sector. I still havent seen the ocean just city city city I dont know what there is to tell about the sector...... the only thing that is unique is that the sector is bordered by water on three sides, i am in the limit of the west mission everyting on the other side of the river is mission Guayaquil South. The streets here can be confusing at times because they dont use street names (everything is in letters and number) and there are no street signs to refer to ( it is hard to describe) sorry! We havent received any instructions for mothers day but i am sure the zone leaders will update us soon :) i too am very excited to talk with you dad and marcus! Oh i will be watching confrence in the stake center here. It will be my first confrence in spanish! but i am excited to try and understand as much as possible. Thank you for the email mom. I fasted for you that you will be able to find work that will enjoy
Con Amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
Hey Dad, hows it been going? everything here in the mission is allright, still havent had many people progress in my area, the lack of converts in the last couple of weeks has been a big test of my faith and i am trying my best just to keep on going. Elder Hernandez and I meet a family this week and we have high hopes that they will continue to accept our visits. they are the Flores family and they are very nice and acceptive. We hope they will come to church soon and accept our invitation to be baptised. I think things are gonna turn around for me here soon and i am trying to be as optomistic as possible. Hahah no one ever said the mission was suppose to be easy :) well thats all ive got to share this week. I will be thinking of you mom marcus and everyone in the family during confrence. this will be the second confrence of four! 
Con Amor Elder Myler  

Week 26: New Companion (Picture!)

Elder Myler's email from 3/24/14:

To Family:
Helllllllllllo Family so i am writing to the three of you at one becaues i do not have much time left to write. So sorry! haha well Last week will probably go down as one of the tougher weeks of the mission. Being the senior companion has taken its toll on me and i have been struggeling to be the best exsample to my Companion. Things here in this sector are tough we hardly ever have set apointments and much of ther time when we pass by an investigator or member they arnt in the house or are busy. So i have had some days where Elder Hernandez and i have had almost nothing to do during the day, and so we would just walk walk walk and tract all day. We have been trying our best but it hasnt resulted in much. But i have been taught a lesson this past week about being humble and to enjoy what i do have here in the mission. I am doing a bit better and am improving everyday! Thanks for your letters and the updates, it is good to hear you are all doing well and i am excitied to hear marcus has strong plans for school and i got news of Mitchel´s calling to Argentina i am very happy for him and look forward to emailing him in spanish. OK family gotta go! Salud!  Con Amor Elder Myler 

a picture of me and my new companion Elder Hernandez from El Salvador    
 To Papa and Grandma (Fred & Brenda):
wow thank you for the scriptures and for the advice, sometimes it is hard to remember that i am trying my best and that so much of what i do depends on the agency of others. I received some advice from a zone leader this week that relly helped, he is an american from Idaho and he told me that he struggled too when he had about 6 months in the mission and that just about everyone struggles in this time of the mission. SO even if i dont get a lot of baptisms i can still be a sucessful missonary. thank you for the email. My new companion is Elder Hernandez and he is from El Salvador. he is a hard worker and we are getting a long just fine.
Con amor Elder Myler

Week 25: Senior Companion Struggle

Elder Myler's emails from 3/17/14:

To Mom:
 Hey mom hows it going. This week has been very very though but i think i have done all i can to be the best missonary i can be. I will be sure to email marcus today and give try and lift his spirits. I dont have a lot to write about right now and am fairly stressed hopefully i will have more to write about later on but for now i dont have much to write about
Con mucho amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
Hey dad it sounds like you had a pretty good time at the air show, wish i was there! same old same old here in the mission. being a senior companion has been very stressful and i am struggeling a bit but i am doing my best to do what is write.
Con amor elder myler

To Grandma and Grandpa Myler (Fred & Brenda):
Hey Papa and grandma how is everything? i am doing allright and i am happy to hear that paxton is doing well. I miss you both a lot. I have been struggeling a little here in the mission but am doing all i can to be better.
Love you and miss you 
Elder Myler