Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 17: Update with NYE Pictures!

To Mom: 
Thank you for the email mom! I am sorry you are feeling a little under the weather. I havent gotten seriously sick, but i have defidently had times when i have had stomac problems. I dont think i will ever completly adapt to the food and water here so it will probably be an issue through out the misson I pray fo r my health everyday here. haha thats life i guess thing here are more or less the same as well, we have a lot of less active people we contact here in this ward but besides that not much is new. One thing that did happen this week was the lock to our apartment door got stuck and me and my companion were stuck outside our apartment for about half an hour. We said a little prayer for the door and used our key and a rock to force the lock open. I know my prayers are answered wether it is for my health, sucess in the mission or for an apartment door. I turn to the Lord and Christ for all of my problems here and have learned to rely on them for all aspects of my life. I know God can do the same for you Mom. He loves you just as much as i do and just like me he want to hear from you more often.
Send my Love to everyone in the family ( espeally jetter!) 
Con amor Elder Myler
1. this first picture is of a family preparing their figures to be lit on fire ( you can see Bart Simson in the middle of the picture that figure is probably about the size of a regular adult )

2. this picture is kind of a close up of what one of these figures looks like on fire just imagine this times 100! ( you can still see bart, but the man to the right of bart is about to light him on fire!)

3. this was when things were a little crazy all of those lights you see down this street are fires! (you can see a man next to the fire in the center of the picture pouring gas onto the fire)
Hey just wanted to share some pictures from my new year´s eve in Guayaquil! Love you all and wish you a happy new year. New year´s eve is a little different here one of the more exciting traditions is everyone buys these huge paper mache figures and at midnight they light them on fire and throw fireworks into the fire. My apartment has a paito on the roof and so i was able to see all the fires and festivites around my block. It truly is crazy at midnight with all the fires and fireworks.

I will update this more once we get all of our emails from Elder Myler! This is what he has sent so far.

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