Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 30: Easter 2014 and Photos!

Elder Myler's emails from 4/22/14

To Dad:
Happy easter! thank you for your emails. Here in Latin america easter is called La Semana Sante (or holy week) and they celabrate like Catholics, Friday saturday and sunday. everyone said its a big holiday but i didnt notice much differnence in the streets, haha oh well. The best part of this easter was our stake confrence, Sunday we got to hear talk by Jeffery R. Holland and Richard G. Scott. They were in Ecuador and their talks were transmited to all the stakes in Ecuador via satalite. They both gave great talks and i had a great time. Hope to hear from you again soon.
Con Amor Elder Myler

To Mom:
Hey mom, its so good to hear from you and all about Easter. My easter was very differnet. Here in the mission, in latin america easter is called la semana santa (the  holy week) they mainly celabrate friday staturday and sunday. It was more or less the same just work work work, But for sunday we had our stake confrence and were able to hear talks from Jeffery R. Hollad and Richard G. Scott The best part was that Holland dosent speak spanish and gave an awsome introduction and concluding testimony in spanish, he had some thing memorized in spanish, but his testimony in spanish was very powerful and the spirit defidently helped him with his tetimony in spanish. it was a good easter for me. Haha I would have never thought marcus would get into boomeranging but still it sounds like you guys have a lot of fun at the parks with the boomerangs! Same old same old here, elder hernandez and i are helping prepare a daughter of one of the memebers in our ward and Elder hernandez and i are growing and improving every day. Hope you have a good week, and keep me in your prayers
I love you Mom Elder Myler
hola hermana! tengo fotos para su blog. no es mucho pero no hay mucho para tocar fotos de durante la semana solamente mi compañero y yo con una cena que hicimos, fue huesos jamón y pan. los siento para la falta de fotos! :) English: hello sister! I have pictures for your blog. not much but there is not much to play during the week photos only with my partner and we made a dinner was bread and ham bones. Sorry for the lack of photos! :)

all the missonaries in my zone

Elder Hernandez and I

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