Monday, May 19, 2014

Weel 32: Planning Mother's Day phone call!

Elder Myler's emails from 5/5/14:

To Dad:
Hey dad thanks for the Email. Cinco de Mayo is just another day here in Ecuador (the holiday is more of a mexican holiday) so Elder Hernandez and i had a baptism this past week and it was a very spiritual exsperience for me. It has been a while but i have finally had a baptism. I know it isnt about how many baptism i have but it is always nice to be able to have baptisms. We have more baptismal dates so we will be working very hard every day. also i am very excited to talk with you mom and marcus. I emailed mom with the a time for the call. I hope to be able to call at 6:00 ecuadorian time on saturday. cant wait to talk with you guys. I do have my patirartical blessing and i do read it but not often enough. We all have great gifts and talents that we can use if we have more confidence and faith in Christ. thank you for your exsample and help for me in my mission. I love you and miss you
Your son Elder Myler 

To Mom:
hey mom so i this is more my normal email. I am super excited to talk with you this saturday (hopefully) and cant wait to have plans more concrete. I too like to have things well planned here in the mission and at times it can be frustrating when things are not so well planned. But the thing that i have learned for this is just to have paitence and hope for the best. So nothing much is all that new here in the mission. ELder Hernandez and I had a baptism this saturday which was super great and very spiritual. We also asked for permission to leave the zone this pday and visit other parts of the city. We still dont know if we have permission or not so all we can do is wait. OH well, I am doing very well and dont have quite as much stress as i had earlier in the mission. I am tired almost all the time but I think everyone is more tired during thier missions. haha well I gotta go, be sure to email me about the call for mothers day and i wil do all i can to make sure everything runs smoothly. Love you a lot and cant wait to talk. Elder Myler 
Hello Mom, as you know we will be talking this week, and we need to plan when and how, so lets start with when. My companion would like to talk with his family saturday night at 7:00 so would it be allright if we talked saturday night at 6:00? remember that this is in my time zone and i dont know what the time differnece is so be sure to know at what time this will be in Arizona. I dont know when i will be able to email again to this time with you but i will try and email agian. If saturday night at 6:00 (ecuadorian time) isnt the best time email me a new time and i will change plans to call at that time. Also my companion has a skype account with the name ¨elder-ohernandez¨ so be sure to share this email with marcus so he can help set up the call on your end.                               SO JUST REMEMBER SATURDAY 6:00 ECUADORIAN TIME. AND EMAIL ASAP WITH THE TIME THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU IF THIS TIME DOSENT WORK!!!!!!!! cant wait to talk with you dad and marcus (jetter too) Love you Elder Myler         

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