Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 33: Mother's Day

Elder Myler's emails from 5/13/14:

To Mom:
Hi mom happy belated mothers day. I hope your specal day was great. Talking with you was such a blessing and has helped me remember why i am out here in the mission in the first place. I was sorry to hear that you will be stiking around with Edward Don but i guess i dont know the whole situation. I am sure you will do just fine but i also know how stressful your job can be at times. I discovered last week that i have a spoon in my apartment from Edward Don. I guess the mission only buys from the best :) hey also i will put another photo of me cleaning our baptism font for our baptism! I wish we had more time to on saturday and i was tough to say goodbye again but Christmas is just around the corner and by then i will have more than a year in the mission. Time is truly going by fast and i am trying to do all i can everyday to make this mission a real blessing in my life. I know it is tough at times but i know it will all be worth it soon. I love you mom and i miss you everyday.
Con Amor Elder Myler
P.S I am working on my family history here in the mission and need your and dad´s help. If you could send birth dates locations and the date and location of your marrage it would help me a lot! also if you could help and ask G-ma for the same information for her and for her parents it would be a blessing Hugs and Kisses!
To Dad:
Hello Dad, it was so great to talk to you mom and marcus on saturday, it was diffiult to say goodbye again but it was worth it. Yester day we had a confrence with our mission president and it was a great exsperience for me. We learned a lot about how we are all sons and daughters of heavenly father and about our potencal as his children. We would all be more converted if we truly understood this important docterine. We also learned a lot about the Godhead and the importanec of each one of the members of the Godhead.
Hey i have a question for you. Do i need to pay titheing for the interest money from my bank acount? I dont know if i should be paying tithing for this money now or when i return form the mission.Thank you for the letter dad, it is always great to read your letters
Su hijo Elder Myler 

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