Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 31: Update end of April 2014

Elder Myler's emails from 4/28/14

To Chelsey:
Hey Chelsey! Thanks for the Email! It sounds like your week was well spent with mom and dad in Phoenix. I too had a very good week and am working hard. It can be hard sometimes to enjoy life in the moment during the mission. Things can become routine quickly and it is easy to want a change of companions or a transfer. but dwelling in these things will only make things worse. I am learning to love the mission no matter where i am or who i am with. I can be tough at times but i will try my best. Thanks too for the pictures chelsey! Everybody is looking good (Jetter included). Thanks Chelsey for the update and the email.
Su Hermano Elder Myler

To Mom:
Hello Mom thank you for the letter. It sounds like you had a good time with chelsey this past week. Leave it to chelsey to drive herself into the water fall hahah, wow only ten weeks left for Mitchell thats crazy. Well my week was great as well. Elder Hernandez and i are doing just fine and actually have some baptismal date! we are very excited to be able to prepare these people for their baptisms and this has given us some extra momentum to work hard. Elder Hernandez is a bit of a goofball compared to me. He always has jokes or a prank to pull on me. He is a bit like marcus and it is good to have someone who isnt quite as serious as i am. haha also we will be attempting to watch what we eat and are trying to avoid eating in resturants or drink cola or juice with a ton of sugar. We will be makeing our own lunch this afternoon so wish me Luck! Also i will share a quick story. One of the families we eat lunch with during the week has a little boy who is staring to learn how to pray and so whenever we are with this family he always want to bless the food. He is very diligent in asking heavenly father to bless people (his parents, the missonaries, the computer, spiderman) and just about everyone and everything else in his life, we all paitenly wait with our arms folded and eyes closed while he is praying. The only thing he forgets to bless is the food.  Well thas about all i have time to write about this week, Thanks for your suppot, your love and the weekly update! I love you so much and miss you always. Su hijo Elder Myler  
To Myler Grandparents (Fred & Brenda):
Hey thanks for the letter papa and grandma! its great to hear from you both! sounds like your trip and visit with chelsey was a good time. I had a pretty good week as well, my companion and i are getting along just fine and we are working hard. We are starting to improve our sector and have a couple of baptism dates set up for May, we are very hopefull that these investigators will come to know the timportance of what we teach them and that they will be ready for their baptisms. We are also trying to eat better and are going to try and make our own lunch this week instead of going to a resturant. We will see if we have sufficient cooking skills to make our lunch haha. I love you both and wish you the best 
Your Grandson Elder Myler

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