Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Week One: Life in the MTC

We found out that Elder Myler's preparation days will be on Tuesdays. Anyone who wants to email Elder Myler, I recommend doing so by Monday night because the only day he gets to read his email is on Tuesdays. His email is

He mentions getting "word" that he received a package. He did not directly say that has been given the package yet. Hopefully they gave him the package on P day because his scriptures are in there! He NEEDS those! 

Here is his letter:

Hi family! The MTC here in mexico is super cool. The weather here is just like flagstaff so it is always super nice. my companion Elder Walker arrived shortly after i did on the first day and we have been super busy. My schedule is just a lot of language classes and personal time. we do a lot of the learning on our own here but our teacher is a good teacher. we taught a mock investigator (played by a member) in spanish on our first day! our classes are arranged by district so i spend a lot of time with my district (eight elders and two sisters). We have bonded a ton in the short time we have been here. the MTC is a huge campus with classroom buildings a full auditorium a gym and even a some basket ball courts. The MTC is in the middle of Mexico City and has walls surroinding the campus. We start our day at 6:30 and end at 10:30 so everyday is fairly long. the exspression here is a day feels like a week and a week feels like a day. today (Tuesday) is our first prep day so exspect mail on tuesdays. My spaish a pretty much tripled so far and i still have so much to learn. So far i can say basic prayers in spanish put not much else. the house i live in have about 15 other elders in it. There are four people to a room and each room has a shower. It feels a little cramped but its not to bad. The food is ok as well, lots of mexican stuff but nothings has been bad yet so that keeps me thankful. My companion is from Washington and is super cool, he knows more spanish than i do and he helps me all the time. Everyone in my district is super cool and it would take forever to talk about them all. I miss you guys a lot but i stay focused and on track. I love you all so much and look forward to seeing you all again soon. We also got to go to the Mexico city Temple today for an endowment session. It was all in spanish but i kind of knew what was going on so it was ok. The MTC president told us the first five days are the hardest so i think i will be able to manage while in here. we dont get a ton of time to write letters, so exspect more email than letters. tell everyone i am doing ok and even forward the email if you want to. P day is also our only day to take pictues and we hear rumors people use a site called drop box to send pirctures so i will try and send some pitctures your guy's way.
Dad, i am so thankful for how awsome of a dad you are. You have been a great exsample to me as i have been growing up and I hope to be like you during my time as a missonary. I tried to exsplain your job as a probation officer to my teacher but it confused her, i love you so much and wish we could talk more
Mom, i love you so much, you are the person i miss the most. I try and control how homesick i get when i think about you, but i am so busy it is hard to mope around. It has been a challenge being so independant but i think i am managing ok, you are the reason i work so hard and my love for your and the family has grown so much while i have been here. I try to include a lot of thing in my prayers but you always are in my heart when i pray, try not to worry about me. I am doing just fine and love it here in Mexico city. I love you with all my heart and cant wait to see you again.
Marcus, hey bud. i miss you a bunch and hanging out with my district reminds me of you. The guys in my district are all very funny guys. I wish you the best in your new job. There is always an adjustment when doing new things but i know you will be able to do it. You are a smart guy and you can do anything you set your mind to. be sure to pull out team Equadavin once in a whille when you play worms. i dont want DavDav or Chuckles getting bored. I love you so much and know you will be sucessful.
Chelsey, I miss you a bunch! getting to see you and going through the temple with you was a huge blessing to me as a missonary. Your faith and spirity have helped me here at the MTC. I now have an idea of what those first few days in Texas must have been like. It is hard being a missonary but they never said life was easy. I am trying to work as hard as you do and your exsample while in nursing school has helped me to work hard. I love you and hope to see you and Travis soon. Tell Travis i said hi and i wish him luck with all of his residency. I hope the Rosetta stone worked well. I love you both
Grandma Wallace I miss you a whole lot, you have been a good exsample of faith to me. Keep my mom busy and dont let her get too stressed, i know she works hard and needs the support. Love you
Papa and Grandma Myler I love you guys so much and i am super apreciative for all your support for me and my descision to go on a mission. I am here because of that support and i dont forget what allows me to stay and preach the gosple
Dejon. Hey buddy, spread the word to everyone that i say HI. I dont get much time to write emails so i probably wont be able to talk to everyone all the time. My new friends are awsome but they dont compare to our friendship, cant wait to bug the heck out of you when i get back
Jetter. HI jetter i hope Your not missing me too much. be sure and not spend all day sleeping. You were a good dog and i miss you too
Tons of love to everyone back home.
Your Missonary Davin. 
P.S. I just got word that i have a package so i think my scriptures have arrived. Thanks you so much, i hope it was not to much of a hassle 
There you have it! He is loving his time in the MTC and picking up the Spanish! 

Thank you for reading and supporting Elder Myler!
With love, 

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