Thursday, October 10, 2013

Week Two: General Conference

This week Elder Myler had enough time to email individuals. I will be posting the responses he gave to people. Elder Myler's responses may be slightly out of context since I will not be posting what individuals wrote to him. Hope you enjoy!

To Mom:
Hi mom, it is great to hear from you and everyone in the family. I am so happy to hear that you are doing well and that you have me in your heart. sond like things are busy at home, I hope marcus is doing ok. I know he dosent share much with you so help him as much as you can. I am excited for the haunted house! i havent been able to see the blog just yet but will try to get to computers that can do that. I cant believe the altima was in a wreck, i know marcus is fine but thats still a bit of a bummer. I hope he is doing well at his new job. In fact i hope you all are doing well at your jobs, i know it's not fun and can be a little stressful but dont worry to much about it, I can see the Lord's hand in your lives and i know he will take care of you guys while i am away. I am happy that you got to see the CCM (Capacion Central de Misionaros) it not spelled correctly here but that what we call it. Dont work too hard mom, we both have a lot to do in the next two years and we cant get caught up in the moment. I work hard and stay focoused on what i need to do and try not to think about how much i miss home (it is very hard sometmes) and i hope you can do the same. let Jetter know i love him and miss him too. I had tons of emails today so dont worry about saying i to anyone, and i am planning on writing a letter today too. Mom i love you so much and that love is hard to set aside for any amount of time. But i am doing what is right and will be blessing the lives of so many people, it is hard but get easier do accept my call every day. Two year will be the blink of an eye soon and it wont be too long untill i see you again. I love you and keep you in all my prayers.
Your Missonary Elder Myler

**Marcus was in a car accident. He was rear ended. He is fine and the other driver is fine. The car just needs a lot of work done. 

To Dad:
 Haha i was hoping you would see Valenzuela's talk, the guy in the picture probably wasnt me but mom dosent ned to know that. there is a little clip of the MTC in Mexico on the world report (It plays after confrence) you might be able to find it on the web somwhere. I love it here at the MTC it is a great place to be and i am learning a lot about the language and the gosple. It has been a little tough adjusting to life here but i am getting use to the schedule. I havent been to somesick so thats good, they keep us very busy. Thats awsome that you help stop that robber and i wish i could have helped with the winter grass. I miss everyone a lot and love you all so much. Time is flying by at the MTC so i will be home in no time. I did get my scriptues and the treats, thank mom for me. I took me a while to get them but i did. I love you all so much and am beginning to love my time here in the mission. I miss you all alot and love you all even more.
Your missonary Elder Myler

To Chelsey:
Haha, that picture defidently wasnt me, but mom dosent need to know that. I was blessed to be able to hear confrence in english and it was awsome. we were in the auditorium so it was on a huge screen and we had great seats. I took notes on almost every talk and loved all ten hours of confrence! I hope you and travis are doing well, i got an email form travis and it had a lot of good advice in it. I am thankful you keep me in your prayers. I know you are gonna do great at you new job and that the Lord will keep you all safe and sucessful so i can focous on my mission. i love you a lot and thank you for being a great exsample of what a true child of God should be. You have helped me so much in life it would take a very long time to fully thank you.
Love Elder Myler

To G-Ma (Grandma Wallace):
Hi G-ma thank you for the email. i am so happy that you are doing well and that you are helping my mom. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Mexico city is super cool and i am having a great time. I got a little home sick now and them but for the most part i am pretty focoused. Learning spanish has been one of the hardest things i have done so far in life, but i learn somthing everyday. i miss you a lot and cant wait to see you again say hi to everyone for me and tell them i love them
love Elder Myler  

To Travis (brother-in-law):
Thank you for the email Travis, one of our devotionals last week was on faith and that you dont look back on the past if you have faith. I have cried a little every time i read an email from home, and i have tear in my eyes now. But it is not because i miss home, it is because i can feel the spirit, you advice is great and i will keep it with me while i am on the Lord's mission. Thanks a ton for the email and i cant wait to hear from you again. Keep up the good work in you residency. You and Chelsey are hard workers and i know you guys will do great in your careers. I love you both so much 
Elder Myler  

Wow, seems like Elder Myler is doing great! We sure do love hearing from him each week. If you get a response from Davin and would like for it to show up on the blog, please email

Thanks for your support!

With love, 

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