Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Week Five: Headed to Ecuador

Hello Everyone!

This is a very exciting week for Elder Myler. He is heading to Ecuador late Thursday (10/31/13) night! We are so excited for him. Also, his birthday is this week! So if you want to tell him Happy Birthday go ahead and send him an email! --His birthday is Saturday (11/2/13) and he will be the big 2-0! 20!

To Mom:
It is great to her fom you mom! its nice to get updates every week. It has been kind of crazy here at the MTC I just learned about the change to my departue yesterday, i will try my best to get that package and save you guys the stress, i dobt they leave package sitting at the mail office, they will either forward it to me in Ecuador or send it back. I hope i can just get it tomorrow but who knows. I also dont know much about my trip to ecuador, I think we leave the MTC thursday night and fly to Ecuador in the early morning so if ther is a chance for a phone call it will be late at night or early in the morning. I am pretty sure i will be useing this same e mail for the entire mission but i will keep you all updated. you will be happy to hear that there are rumors we may get to Skype for the holidays so thats exciting. My testimony has grown a lot in this short month and it will continue to grow in the comeing months, i hope your is as well, i want to bless as many people through the gosple as i can and that includes you mom! Pray as much as you can (even pray for the package because i am!) and i know God will bless you. I love you so much and miss you a lot
Love Elder Myler (Your baby)

To Dad:
Its good to hear everything is going good. I just learned yester day that i actually leave late thursday night. so i lost a couple of days here but it just means i will be in Ecuador soon. I hope you guys dont need to re re send the package because i leave early. I dont know what the CCM will do if they receive a package of an elder who has allready left but i will try and find out. This new departure time also means i know almost nothing about my trip, I have been told we leave thursday night at 10:00 and the plane leaves at 1:00 so if there is a phone call it will be early in the morning. Its good to hear marcus and mom are getting along. I bet the house is pretty interesting with all the haunted house stuff. Its good that the priest use PMG it will be a huge benifit to them. Its good to hear your missonary work is going so well also, Its great to hear you have been able to share part of the gosple with you co workers. Keep up the good work Dad i am so proud of you exsample, and i am proud to be your son. Thanks for the update and hopefully i will be that package soon, the next time you hear from me will be in Ecuador and i am so excited! I love you so much and miss you a lot
Love Elder Myler

To Chelsey:
yes Utchdorf never dissapoints and neither do you! I Think doubt is one of the biggest thiongs to overcome for a missionary. My district had an interesting exsperince this week. There is a class here called TRC where voulenteers (members and non memebers) get taught by the missonaries, two non member voulunteers came to our room by mistake and we got to teach them the fist lession. They asked some very interesting and difficult questions, i bore my testimony that even though i dont know why God dose the things he dose I know he is perfect and that i should never doubt a perfect being. You are right about my testimony of the gosple growing and i will stop my spiritual growth, i bet you would have been a great missonary the sistes in my district remind me of you, but the lord did bless you because of your faith and he still exspects you to share the gosple. It is easy for me to share the gosple because i am devoting my life to it. Members who are not full time missonraies have their own challenges to over come. Never forget Every member a missonary! I know you will be very busy now because of your new job but dont forget to share the gosple with anyone who will hear it. Let me know what you think of your new job and try to have one missonary exsperience to share with me this time next month! I will be in Ecuador very soon (i actually leave this thursday) so I will have plenty to share with you. I love you and Travis a lot and have found a ton of spiritual strengh in your emails to me
Your Brother and Missonary Elder Myler 
To Myler Grandparents (Fred & Brenda):
thanks for the story! it is crazy how fast my time has gone by at the mtc. we leave a litte earlier than we exspected so i will be leaving thursday night. I dont know if my package will be in on time but i hope it gets here soon. family is such an important part of the gosple and i love my family more than ever now. it is the same love i will be developing for my investigators. I love you both so much and thank you for the support you give me, you have made my mission possible and i will never be able to repay you for that. so thank you so much, send my love to everyone in flagstaff
Love Elder Myler 
Also, Elder Myler sent some very exciting pictures this week! Please check them out in my previous blog post. Thanks for supporting Elder Myler!!
With love, 

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