Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week Three: Spanish

Hello Everyone!

This week Elder Myler finally got to send us some pictures! The pictures are rather random but that's Davin for you. He mentions speaking exclusively in Spanish this week! We also found out he will leave for Ecuador on his birthday, Nov. 2! What a birthday present. :) We are so thrilled for him!

To Mom:
its sound like you guys are doing ok without me so to answer your questions
1. my back is fine, i have had no trouble so far i think there is something up with my bed at home
2. My bed is fine, we actually have sheets provided at the MTC so i wont be useing the sheet untill i get in the feild
3. laundry is easy not much to it, the iorns at the MTC are not all that good so i have been hanging up shirts right out of the dryer but besides that not problems
4. Yes mom i am keeping my area tidy. we dont have a ton of room to begin with so it would be difficult to be messy with four other guys in the room.
I know you and marcus dont always agree but take some comfort in knowing that you love each other, your personalities are very strong and dont always mix well.
I just sent some pictiures to chelsey and will try and send more soon but i dont have much time to take pictures
I am happy jetter is ok, i know he will be just fine its good he is acutally chaseing cats now. I hope the package arrives a little early......My departure to Ecuador is on my birthday. so hopefully that all works out ok. I love you so much and i am happy to hear that everyone is doing allrigt.
Love Elder Myler
Leave it to Davin to be candid and straight to the point. Got to love the boy. 

To Dad: 
Hi dad. I am doing great, my spanish is imporving (we will be speaking only spanish tomorrow) I have replied to all my emails so far so dont worry about that. I have plenty of time on p-day to email. To answer your question about PMG yes yes and yes! i use PMG everyday and would be lost with out it. It is so helpful for me as a missonary and for an investigator (our teachers play investigators and we teach them every week) it would be 100 times more difficult if i didnt have PMG. That book may not look like much from an outsiders perspective, but for missonaries it is gold. It is a great tool for me and every missonary.  Have the priests teach lessons in quorm useing PMG. There are plenty of things they could use for a lesson.
Hope everything is going ok at home sounds like you have your hands full keeping the peace between Mom and Marcus. I just sent pictures to chelsey so be sure to check the blog for some picts. I hope everything works out at work, i know Congress will eventuall make a budget and everything will be ok. I love you and miss you a lot. 
Your Missonary Elder Myler
PMG is short for Preach My Gospel. It is a guideline for the missionaries to use in order to teach investigators about the Church. From what I understand, the missionaries utilize this book a lot!

To Marcus (brother):
HI Marcus, it is great to hear from you! sounds like things are going allright, i can tell you form exsperience that work isnt that much fun some of the times but you will get use to it (but paychecks help too) try to not get caught up in the stress of work and it will all work out. work hard in school no matter how silly it may seem now. i know your getting good grades so keep up your hard work, just remember doing boring classes now will leave room for the cool stuff when your at a university. I am so stoked your doing a haunted house! keep me updated on your progress becuase it sounds like it will be super cool. say hi to jetter for me, i miss being upstairs and i miss my two favorite brothers(you and jetter).  sound like you are pretty busy so i wouldnt worry about the viedogames too much, just dont stay up too late playing league. let me know how the youtube channel is comeing along. I love you a lot and miss you a ton.
Love Elder Myler

To Chelsey:
Hi chelsey! so i some pictures to send and i think i will just send them (so i dont spend too much time uploading and sending pictures) so hopefully they can go on the blog for everyone to see. Our emails can only have so much attached to them so it will probably only be one or two pictures per email. I am excited that you are giving a talk and would love too see it. I love what you said about the priesthood and it being correct because it comes from God. The sister missonaries in my dirstrict remind me of you because they are so hardworking and know so much about the gosple.

To Myler Grandparents (Fred & Brenda):
Hi, thanks for the email. it is great to hear from you guys. Here at the MTC we got to watch the confrence in a auditorium. it was super cool and i got a lot out of it. There is a little viedo of the Mexico MTC in the october 2013 world report (it plays after confrence) try and look it up so you can see what the MTC looks like. Tell Katerina thank you for the words of encouragement and that i love her. It cool that LeRoy won that car show. I miss you guys a lot. I love you both so much and cant thank you enough for your support. I am here because of you guys and I am very thankful for that. i love you guys so much.
Love Elder Myler

Thank you for the update I am sure i will be taken care of in Ecuador. I hope i can have the same impact on families when i am out in the feild. I cant wait to go out into the feild. I will be think of you guys a lot.
Love Elder Myler

Woo hoo! Another week in the MTC. Only 3 weeks left til the Elder leaves for Ecuador! Then, it's go time. 

Thanks for reading!

With love, 


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