Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Week Four: CCM Veteran

Hello Everyone!

Elder Myler is definitely making progress as he has been out for a month! Wow! Time flies when you are busy. Take a look at what has been going on this week for Elder Myler.

ANNOUNCEMENT from Elder Myler!!!
hey i found out there is a blog fom my mission sure to check it after in early November and you will probably find me there!and add the adress to the blog so everyone can see it

To Mom:
Its so good to hear from you sounds like you and I will be plenty busy but thats ok time flys when we work hard. we had one of the elders in our district go home because he was só sick, it was very difficult for all of us to send him home and it helped me appreciate my opportunity to serve. My spanish is getting better but there is a lot to lern, there are irregular verbs that just break all the rules of spanish so things are very confusing sometimes. we also are getting into the past and future tense of words and that is pretty hard to. I know I will be ok in the end but things are very hard. My strengh in the golsple is also getting better, my faith is strongetr than it has ever been and it is great to see Gods hand in my life, try and find ways God has blessed your life too and i know you will develope a greater testimony of his love for you. CCM life is staring to feel like school so i  cant wait to be out in the feild, I only get another 23 months of this wonderful life style so i will be chershing every second of it. The Elder whose companion went home has become my new companion and he remindes me of marcus, he is very funny and kind of crazy sometimes. We are all donig well here and love it here, our district checks the mail like three times a day and it is always a laught when they find our mail box empty. The cafiteria food is pretty good and they have started serving more amerian style food, it is a blessing and a curse because i was hopeing to get use to different types of food before my time in the feild, the guys in my district going to Ecuador call the CCM a resort because it is so nice compared to what it will be like in Ecuador. One of the sister in our Distict has family in Ecuador and here parents are form there so we get to hear a bunch of stories about it. She tells us the people are very friendly and the members are generious to the missonaries so i will  be in good hands. we have Two teachers now, one in the morning and one in the after noon. Our afternoon teacher is super cool his name is Hermano Arevalo, he is from mexico and is trying to learn English, so we get to help him with engligh while he helps us with spanish. He call us all Gurreros wich is Warrior is spanish, so that is pretty cool. When we are taugh a new grammar rule or phrase he taker us out onto the campus to practice with some of the local workers at the CCM, they are always nice to us but i have trouble understanding them. We all have a good time learning. The house we lived in use to be pretty empty but now all of the new missonaries have filled up the house. It is crazy to think i am a veteran here now. it feels like almost no time has gone by. I gave a talk this last sunday in spanglish it was only five minuits but it felt like forever. I am learning so much here and am excited to begin the work of the Lord. I hope you and marcus are getting along as Halloween closes in. Dad told me he is still getting paied so thats good. I miss you all (including Jetter) and always keep you in my prayers, thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers too, i can feel your love for me everyday and that helps me get though the days. Mom i miss you a ton but i know these two years will feel like the blink of an eye when i get back. cant wait to see you all.
Love your Missonary Elder Myler   

To Dad:
It good to hear Congress actuall did something for once and i am happy to hear everything is going so well. I hope mom and Marcus have been getting along. Speaking in spanish gets tougher everyday, i can do ok in a gosple lesson but besides that its is very tough, there are so many rules and form to memorize that it feel like i need to memorize half the language. but i learn something everyday and I have no dobt I will be able to master the language soon.
As for the priest's question i could go on for days about things they could and should know to prepare for their mission. But i think i can summarise it into one Gosple principle and that is the Holy Ghost. Missonaries are nothing with out the testimony of the Holy Ghost and no one would be converted without the help of the Holy Ghost. the HG is the only reason i have felt any sort of sucess and it is the best tool in a missonary's life for conversion. So if a priest wants to be better perpared for his mission he should live in a way that invites the HG into his life. If he dose not do that he will have to learn that life style while on his mission and that wont be easy. No body should exspect their life to do a complete 180 degree turn over night, life dose not work that way. So tell the priest to keep the HG in their lives and follow the promptings of the HG. Try and find a conference talk or MTC devotal on the subject (MTC devotnals are super good espeshally if Elder Holland is taking ) Doing this early will be a huge blessing in their lives.
I so glad to hear everything is going so well, time here is all staring to belnd to gether so i am excited to be in the feild. I love you all so very much and keep you in my prayers.
Love ELder Myler  
To Chelsey:
Muchas gracias hermana! Me gusta mi tiempo en la CCM, me espanol es mas o meso pero yo tengo muy muy oportunidad por pratice. My spanish is still pretty rough, i now how to say a lot of things about the gosple in spanish but besides that my vocab and grammar is a little lacking. But thats ok i have plenty of time to improve. The biggest thing i have lerned at the CCM is that I must become my first convert. we watched a Tuesday night devotonal from Elder Holland and he said that if i want an investigator to do someting like pray more of read the scriptures more God wants me to do those things. So i am learning how to convert myself before i convert others. It has been wonderful putting all my trust into the Lord and seeing his hand in my life. I never knew how much the Lord blessed my life untill i got here. I am trying to learn as much as i have gotten use to CCM life and it is starting to feel a bit like school. I will try and make everyday unique but it is hard when i am on a tight schedule. Hope things are going well in Texas, i read you have started your new job so good luck with that. I know you will do great. Say hi to travis for me.
Love ELder Myler  
So per usual, Elder Myler is doing awesome and that is what we like to hear! We love him and are just so happy that he is serving a mission for our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
With love, 


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