Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 42: What's English?

Elder Myler's email from 7/14/14:

Hello mom it is nice to hear from you and i am shocked that mitchell leaves this week for the mission. It is crazy just how fast the mission has been for me and all that i have learned and done in such a short time. I will be sure to send mitchell and email or two next in the next couple of weeks. haha I cant believe marcus is writing music with carson! its good to hear that he is doing well and i will be sure to write soon. This week was a good week, work work work but being busy is way better than haveing nothing to do. Mom you relly love to send pacages, i still have not received the last package but i am sure it will be here soon. Beisdes all of this i am doing well, I think i am almos fully converted to spanish it is weird to talk in english and a lot of the words sound funny to me now, i am constantly talking in spanish and am working on thinking in spanish all the time too. the weather has been a bit hotter in the day and cooler at night. All is well here and i too miss you a whole lot mom. I will be hitting the year mark here in no time and will soon be on the down hill (wich is both good and bad) but i think my second year will be much better than the first. I love you and MIss you 
Your son Elder Myler 

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