Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 37: Transfer! No email last week...

Elder Myler's email from 6/9/14:

Hi mom thanks for the Email! I is good to hear that you are doing fine and that you had a good Memorial day! Wow there in a lot going on right now back at home Mitchell getting ready for his mission, macus getting ready for school there is a lot that is happening but it sounds to me like everything is going fairly well. This week has been good for me as well. The weather here in Guayaquil is actually cooling down a bit (just a tiny bit) it is fairly cool at night and early in the morning. The seasons are opposite here because we are below the ecuador. Elder Hernandez and I are still working hard and learing a lot about our new languages (english and spanish). I am getting better at speaking the language every day (even though i am still not that good at speaking) but if i continue to grow and learn at the rate i am now i know i will be proficient in spanish very soon :). prety soon here i will be hitting the year mark. Time here in the mission is strange when i think about all that i have done and the work i need to do 8 months feels like forever, but when i thing about all my goals and plans for the mision 8 months feels like nothing. Well i know i have done what the lord want me to do and that i will never regret this descision to serve. Thanks you for writing me and for always writing and keeping updated on marcus and everybody back at home. I love you and always miss you! 

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