Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 39: Update

Elder Myler's email from 6/23/14:

To Dad:
Hey dad i is good to hear from you today. sounds like the lava tubes were a lot of fun. I wish i could be back at home to see chelsey and celabrate Marcus´ Birthday but i have work to do here :) At times i think about what blessings i want from our heavenly father when i get back from my mission. But this isnt the purpose of my wokr and shouldnt be what i think about. When i think abotu these things i try and think of how i can be a blessing for someone else and what more i could do to imporve my mission. If all i do is think about what i will be doing after the mission my mission will be for nothing. I always try to keep my mission my focus during the day and work hard to make a differnce in the lives of all the people here in ecuador. Thank you for this email and for your love an support
Love you and miss you 
Elder Myler

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