Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 41: 4th of July in Ecuador?

Elder Myler's emails from 7/7/14: 

Hi mom! how are you doing? this last week was a great week, we had a bautiizim this last week and it was great to have our first baptism here in Portoviejo. Our investgator´s name is carlos navia and Elder Garcia and I have had a great time teaching and helpnig him become converted. But besides that things here are going just fine. Our nights are getting cooler but its more or less the same during the day. I am sad that i could not spend 4th of july with you and dad (my 4th of july was nothing specal) But we are doing just fine. I cant wait to hear all about marcus´ school schedule and living arrangments. Sorry for the short email. Love you and miss you
With Love Elder Myler

Hello Dad it is good to hear from you! This has been a good week for me. Elder Garcia and I had the chance to baptise one of our investgators this week and we are working hard and progressing in our sector. This last week has been fairly average and i hope to have more to write about in the next week haha sorry the email is so short, 4th of july was nice and in the night it is getting cooler. We have had a couple of days when the sun was particularly strong and it reminded me of home but besides that things have been going just fine. Thanks for the email and i hope to write again soon. Say hi to marcus for me 
With love Elder Myler

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