Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 38: More transfere details

Elder Myler's email from 6/15/14:

To Mom:
Hello mom, Sorry for missing the last email but i was a little busy (check the other email i sent this week) it has been a crazy week and i almost missed writing this week as well. So here is a little more detail about my transfer. So i was told i was being transfered last sunday at about 10:30 so i had to pack up all my things and i went to a big bus terminal where the mission does the transfers. I was told i was being transfered to Portoviejo. I went a bought the ticket to go by bus to Portoviejo and was on a bus withinin the hour. the bus trip was about 4 hours long and pretty boring, but the view of Ecuador was nice. When my temporary companion and i arrived in Portoviejo we had no was to talk with the Zone leaders so my companion went looking for a phone booth while i gaurded our luggage. We called the zone leaders and waited for about 30 minuits untill they showed up. they told me we would be waiting in the bus terminal for my companion and we waited for about an hour and a half. The ZL decided to stop waiting and just go with me to my new house, when we got there the place was very dirty and i spent the last part of the day cleaning and unpacking. And with monday being the only day we can write i had to go without writing for the week. I am sorry i did not write but please dont worry about me in the future, I promise you if anything happens to me the mission will be sure to write you! there will be times when i will simply not have time but i will do all i can to write every week even if it is just a tiny email saying i am ok. But mom please dont stress over me and try not to worry so much about me. I am proud you were able to put your trust in the lord this week and i know you can do this every week while i am away,
I will be sure to keep you updated on everytihng as things progress here 
Con Amor Elder Myler 

Hello mom it is nice to hear from you, these past two weeks have been fairly crazy but rewarding. So i am in an apartment and it is just Elder Garcia and i. we live in front of El universidad t├ęcnico de manabi. It is one of the biggest universities in the providence. So there are a lot of students and temporary housing. Portoviejo is a lot like Tucon in my opinion. My companion Elder Garcia is from Quito the capital of Ecuador, he was suppose to be in our mission temporarily while he waited for his visa for Venezuela but the church has reassighned all the missonaries that were called to venezuela becuase of all the problems the county has with the united states and the govement dosent want to let the missonaries into the country. So he will be here in this mission permanently, he was bummed to learn this but he took the news well. Our new ward is awsome! we have received a lot of help these last two weeks and everyone is very nice. So the biggest differnece between my old secotr and my new sector is defidently the hills. I have been here for two weeks now and still havent exsplored all the side paths and houses that are up in the hills, The weather here is much nicer. it is nice and cool late in the afternoon when the sun is setting and all through the night. This last saturday some of the missonaries here in portoviejo traveled to a smaller city about and hour away where there are no missonaries and the entire city has 1-2 families that is active. we got to go to this city to try and help the families there start up a branch, it was awsome to go to a city where the people have never had missonaries and i think very soon the mission will be putting missonaries in parts of ecuador with little to no members! in all i am loveing my new sector and am looking forward to all the things i will be able to acomplish here. Have a good week mom i love you and miss you  With love, your son Elder Myler 
To Dad for Father's Day:
HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry i missed this specal day and i hope you had a good day. I am sorry i could not do something specal for you the mission has been a bit more hectic here in Portoviejo. I am so greatful for all you have done for me and for your exsample. We are always teaching people about the impotance of the family unit in the plan of God and everytime we teach about our families i think about you mom chelsey and marcus (and sometimes jetter) I have i picture of us for San Diego in my Bible so you are all with me every day haha. I know that i wouldnt be the person i am today without your help and being here in the mission has helped me develope more love for you and for our heavenly father. I think that before my mission i didnt truly understand a lot of things about the gosple and our family, my life at home and my exsperiences in church were more or less routine and now i feel that for 19 years i was just going through the motions, but now that i am a missonary everything has changed. Things like the sacrament, the book of mormon, the atoment of Jesus and our family have truly become important parts of my life and i have grown to love these things so much here in my mission. You have always been a great exsample for me and i am so thankful that you and mom raised chelsey marcus and i in the church and i am thankful for your love help and exsample for me. I know i wouldnt be here in the mission if it wasnt for you and i know you still are an exellent exsample for me. Thank you for being the best dad in the world and thank you so much for all you have done for me. I love you and miss you everyday
Your Son Elder Myler  

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