Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 25: Senior Companion Struggle

Elder Myler's emails from 3/17/14:

To Mom:
 Hey mom hows it going. This week has been very very though but i think i have done all i can to be the best missonary i can be. I will be sure to email marcus today and give try and lift his spirits. I dont have a lot to write about right now and am fairly stressed hopefully i will have more to write about later on but for now i dont have much to write about
Con mucho amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
Hey dad it sounds like you had a pretty good time at the air show, wish i was there! same old same old here in the mission. being a senior companion has been very stressful and i am struggeling a bit but i am doing my best to do what is write.
Con amor elder myler

To Grandma and Grandpa Myler (Fred & Brenda):
Hey Papa and grandma how is everything? i am doing allright and i am happy to hear that paxton is doing well. I miss you both a lot. I have been struggeling a little here in the mission but am doing all i can to be better.
Love you and miss you 
Elder Myler

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