Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 27: Update

Elder Myler's emails from 3/31/14:

To Mom:
Hello mom it is good to hear from you. Its great to hear that chelsey will be able to visit. Well it sounds like everyone is doing pretty well right now. The picture of jetter was great thank you mom :) Well i am still in my second area (La Colmena) and have been here for about about three months, there isnt a schedule for transfers so i have no idea how much more time i have in this sector. I still havent seen the ocean just city city city I dont know what there is to tell about the sector...... the only thing that is unique is that the sector is bordered by water on three sides, i am in the limit of the west mission everyting on the other side of the river is mission Guayaquil South. The streets here can be confusing at times because they dont use street names (everything is in letters and number) and there are no street signs to refer to ( it is hard to describe) sorry! We havent received any instructions for mothers day but i am sure the zone leaders will update us soon :) i too am very excited to talk with you dad and marcus! Oh i will be watching confrence in the stake center here. It will be my first confrence in spanish! but i am excited to try and understand as much as possible. Thank you for the email mom. I fasted for you that you will be able to find work that will enjoy
Con Amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
Hey Dad, hows it been going? everything here in the mission is allright, still havent had many people progress in my area, the lack of converts in the last couple of weeks has been a big test of my faith and i am trying my best just to keep on going. Elder Hernandez and I meet a family this week and we have high hopes that they will continue to accept our visits. they are the Flores family and they are very nice and acceptive. We hope they will come to church soon and accept our invitation to be baptised. I think things are gonna turn around for me here soon and i am trying to be as optomistic as possible. Hahah no one ever said the mission was suppose to be easy :) well thats all ive got to share this week. I will be thinking of you mom marcus and everyone in the family during confrence. this will be the second confrence of four! 
Con Amor Elder Myler  

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