Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 28: 2nd General Conference in the Mission!

Elder Myler's email from 4/7/14:

To Mom:
Hello mom, man the memories that those couches bring back. Haha it is great to see those couches again. I hope you week was as good as mine was, with my second General confrence i have been lifted up and have more animo ( dont know what word i would use in english) :) my spanish is better than i think, my companion is learning english and i have been talking to himn in english in our apartment. But i can hardly make a full sentence with out useing some spanish word. hahah it is great to help him learn english and to receive help from him for my spanish. I am learning and growing every day and am doing everything i can to make everyday specal. Elder Hernandez and i are working hard and i have faith that very soon God will reward our work. I love you mom and miss you so much (Jetter too) but i miss you more than any other person (or dog) in the world. Keep me in your prayers and i will keep you in mine
Con Amor Elder Myler

To Dad:
Hey dad thank you for the picture and for the letter. Wow what a week this was, General confrence was great (despite the fact that it was all in spanish) I didnt understand everything that was said but i got the idea of the talks. My favourite talk was from Elder Dallin H. Oaks about the Priesthood. I learned the importance of humility and obidience when we act in the name of God and that we do not have all the keys of the priesthood. I also enjoyed one talk given by a seventy (whose name i cant remember) about bobsleding and how those athletes in the olympics who train all thier lives for three or four minuits of raceing. The speaker applied this concept to our lives here in the earth but my companion applied the talk to his mission he called his mission his three minuits to serve the lord and that he had to make every moment count. I am going to do this as well and make every moment of the mission specal and meaningful. Things here in the mission are getting better, Elder Hernandez and i are working hard and i have received more enthusisasm to work hard. Siempre doy gracias por su amor y ayudar durante este tiempo de mi vida y voy a continuar a hacer este mission para mi familia y mi Dios. Con todo mi Amor Elder Myler 

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