Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 23: Update

Elder Myler's update from 03/01/2014:

To Mom:
HI Mom thanks you for the emails and all of the pictures! I am writing a little early this week because Ecuador has a big holiday this upcomeing week. Its simply called carnaval and i dont exsacly know why they have this holiday. But for the next couple of days everyone is gong to be out in the streets partying and haveing a good time haveing water fights and such in the streets so it is not a great time to go out and work. SO we will be staying inside for a couple of days.  It is great to see and hear about marcus! I know i have been slacking on the pictures lately so i will be sure to find things to send for you guys! Wow it sad to hear that the theatre department has been struggeling but these things happen. this isnt the first time the department has struggled. I remember hearing stories as a freshmen about the theare department and how hard things were for everyone. But i guess it is good that marcus is staying busy! So i finally (FINALLY) got the packages sent for Christmas, thank you so much for the shirt pant and tie (HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!) i dont quite know if it is an appropreate tie for a missonary but thats allright, im sure its fine and the shirt and pant are awsome its great to have a shirt that represents my state. Also thanks for all the food! my companion has never had beef jerkey so it was interesting trying to describe it to him, I also got chelsy´s package and the package from papa and grandma. So i am set on food for a bit.  i guess when it comes to packages we will just need to be paitent, The mission office is a very busy place so pouch for bigger things like packages can be slow. I also have the family christmas card on my desk so i can see it everyday. Before we know it i will be getting the next Xmas card! I am makeing a lot of progress in the language and progressing spititually as well. I am almost done with a quarter of the mission and it is going by so so so fast. I am not quite the missionary i thoght i would be at six months so there is lots of room to progress. Keep up the excelent emails mom it is a great boost to my soul and excitment to work every week!    
Con Amor Elder Myler

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