Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 21: Update

Here is Elder Myler's update from 02/17/2014:

To Everyone:
Hello and happy belated valentines day! wow my valentine was a bit crazy. everything was normal unill about five o clock in the afternoon when i began to rain. the rain didnt start out very strong but quickly became a major storm. My companion and I ran for the shelter of a member´s house. The rain became stronger and stronger and the drainage near the house of this particular member soon became clogged and the street flooded. it was up to people´s anckles in some places and people´s knees in other places. it was quite a site, kids started to play in the streets amidst all the rain. Our zone leaders called and told us to cancle all of our apointments and head home for the day. My companion and i had to walk through a couple of flooded streets and a torrent of rain to make it back to our apartment. when we got there our apartment to was partally flooded. ( we left a window open) :) and spent the next hour cleaning and getting rid of all of the water in our apartment. Well nothing much else to talk about right now so i will simply wish you a happy valentine.
Elder Myler

To Mom:
Hey mom sounds like you had a good valentines day with dad, its good you got to go camping with dad and jetter!
thanks for sending the pictures too, it is always nice to see a little slice of home. sorry to hear about the window! sounds like quite and exsperience. This week was pretty tough, none of our investigators came to church so Elder Bustamante and me will have no baptisms this month. i am trying not to get down about it and know that all i can do is work harder this next month. its good to hear marcus is busy and still has time to chill with friends, hope everything with work is going well and i wish you luck in searching for a new job! i know you will find work will be rewarding and will not be a huge burden. I did not confirm the adress as our last district meeting was very long. I will be sure to confirm the adress for you tomorrow.
Tell everyone that i say i and that i miss them
Con amor Elder Myler  

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