Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 20: Update

Oh my goodness! I have been slacking! So sorry. Here is Elder Myler's update from 02/10/2014:

To Mom:
Hello Mother it is good to hear from you. I am so happy to hear that you are finishing your job at edward don. I agree that hapiness is much more important than money and i think this descision is the right one. I am sorry the whole package situation isnt going well no packages scence before Xmas. i will be sure to compare the adress you have tomorrow at our district meeting and give you an update, my new apartment is not so good either. the water has become a problem for us and our water has been off for about a day now ( which isnt a lot of fun) but i am managing, elder bustamante and i are trying to figure out what is wrong. I think the Lord is trying to humble me here in ecuador and its certanly working haha. It is amazing to me how blessed i am to have so many good things in my life that problems like this dont make me very mad (emphasis on very) but besides this things are going well. Still havent had many investigators progress twards baptism but we are trying our best and that is what counts. This mission has been such a blessing to me and i know in these past 4 months my life has changed, thank you so much for your support and help for me as a missonary every day. I love you so much and miss you 
Con todo del Amor de mi corazon
Elder Myler  
 To Chelsey:

hey como esta mi hermana, soy muy bien. mucho trabajo pero la obra es muy bien y yo me gusta mi mision! haha dont try and translate that, its probably all incorrect! Eventually i will try and send an entire email in spanish! Thank you for the update on life back at home, espeshally about your work. sounds like work very rewarding for you. Thank you for the advice on paitence and for your testimony. I defidently need to work on my paitence, it is tough not to get mad when me and my companion dont agree on something or when he dose something that i makes me angry. But i know God has allowed our paths to cross here in Ecuador for a reason and that i can learn a lot for him. Man i wish i could give a testimony like that in spanish! I still have a long way to go but i know i progress little by little every day. Thanks for your love and support Chelsey, your words of wisdome help he feel the spirity every monday and it helps me feel the spirity through out the week. Love you and miss you
Con amor ELder Myler

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