Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Week Seven: Big Adjustment

Hello People!

Thanks for stopping by Elder Myler's blog. He has been in Ecuador for almost two weeks and the adjustments have begun. Big changes and challenges are at the forefront but we believe Elder Myler is coping well. He just needs time to get more comfortable with his new surroundings and the language of Spanish. Here is what he says for this week...

To Mom:
Hi mom! its good to hear about you and brody (Baby born on the Brown side of the family. Brody is Barbara's cousin DJ and wife Kristi's first born. So very exciting!). You might be thinking about thanksgiving but the only holiday i can think about is Christmas, i am very excited to hear form you dad, marcus and jetter. the weather isnt as bad as everyone says it is, we generally work in the afternoon and evening so everything is pretty cool. there isnt much humitiy where i am (people say we are two hours from the beach) so its hot but not all that bad. I miss everyone and everyting a lot more now that i am in the feild, life at the MTC was cake compared to here so it has been a tough adjustment. Elder Rojas has been a great companion so i am very busy. I had a very interesting exspericne today. I had to wash my cloting by hand and it was very humbling. It also reminded me how much of a blessing you have always been in my life. I always took the little things in life for grante ( including laundry) so i have developed a ton of love for my family. I love you more than i have ever in my life and i miss you a lot. I know God put me here for a reason and wants me to grow while i am here. I love you so much and wish i could have done more for you while i was home. give jetter a pat on the back for me. Xmas is just around the corner so it wont be too long before we can talk Your Son Elder Myler 

To Dad:
haha its good to hear nothing changed in the ward (My parents' stake needed to split several wards to make a couple new wards but they were not affected), I have a funny story about the bday package. i got it the last day at the MTC so all my bags were packed. me and my companion weighed our bags to make sure they were not overweight and both of my bags were very close to the max weight. so when i got all that food i was worried i would put my bags overweight, so me and my district ate a lot of it that day. my bags were within the weight limit and i still have some of the food from home witch is a great comfort. This week was pretty tough, lots of hard work, listening to spanish and trying to know what everyone is saying is draning and my biggest struggle right now. but everyone tells me this part of the mission is the hardest so i am optimistic. I too take comfort from the spirit. i didnt miss home all that much at the mtc because there life was super easy, but here life is not easy and it is easy to miss home, i try to keep my thought on my work and but everyting else behind me but because i dont understand the spaish it is very hard. But when i have the spirity all my worries are gone and i do better. Thanks for writing and keeping me updated.
Your Son Elder Myler

To Chelsey:
Hi chelsey! everything here is different but good. My companion is from chilie and dosent speek any english. He has like 12 weeks left on the mission so he is very good and exsperienced, but he is defidently thinking of home ( he waves to the planes that pass overhead :) ) he is a great companion and we work very hard. We live in an apartment with two other elders, one is from Salt Lake so i he helps me a lot with spanish and gives me a break from all the spanish. It is a nice place to stay and everything here is pretty good.....different ( it would take days to exsplain it all) my spanish is improving, i have taught small parts of lession but thats about it. It is very hard to focous on a conversation when there are lots of distrations. I get time to study the language so i know i will be better soon. Knowing i am a child of God helps me everyday as a missionary. It feels like every day i find tons of things i need help with and i have prayed for help a coulple of times while tracting  and after i pray i always feel better even if we dont have much sucess. Thanks for writing and hope to hear from you soon
Love Elder Myler

To Myler Grandparents (Fred & Brenda):
Thanks, i got the package and the elders in my house helped me celebrate my b day, it was my first real day in the feild and i had a great time talking with everyone in the neiborhood. I only had my first companion for two days but my new companion is great too. i am working hard and i am enjoying what little time i have here in Ecuador.  
Thank you so much for the card! I difidently had a very happy birthday and you helped out with that. I am still adjusting to Missonary life. Spanish is very difficuly and life is very different. But everyone says the beginning of the mission is the hardest so I take comfort in knowing things will get better soon. Thanks for everything you do and keep checking the blog for details.
Love Elder Myler

So Elder Myler is struggling just a bit but that is expected with the new language and new country. We appreciate all prayers sent his way. We know Elder Myler is capable of overcoming difficult times and look forward to hearing from him next week.

Thanks for reading and supporting!

With love, 


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