Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week 9: Lots of Pictures!

I assume this is at their apartment. I think his companion's name is Elder Rojas

District at CCM

me with my district and our teacher at the ccm (pretty old but this is the firt opportunity i have to send them)

Elder Myler and Elder Walker (companion) with their teacher at the CCM

hey so this piture has a story to go along with it, so the dogs here in ecuador can be pretty mean sometimes ( lots of people have guard dogs) and one of the familes we teach has two big dogs, when we were leaving i made it outside but my companion didnt so we had to wait for the owners to distract the dogs. also there are a ton of stray dogs in the streets they usually leave us alone though so it isnt so bad. there are actually a lot of dogs that remind me of Jetter dog which is tough but i manage.

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