Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week Eight: 2 Months Down!


Elder Myler didn't give us a ton of info this week. He only sent 2 emails home, which we thought was a little odd. He also isn't giving us a ton of detail. But then again, he is a 20-year-old guy that just doesn't have time for detail. :)

To Mom:
haha there are lots of small details that i dont have time to cover but i will try  my best. Yes we do eat with the memebers almost everyday, and that is usually the one meal we actually eat. the past couple of pdays we havent gotten food for ourselvs so yeah its usually just lunch, but in ecuador lunch is like dinner so we eat a ton and it is usually a late lunch, it isnt as bad as it sounds and we usually buy snacks to keep us happy. the reason i wash  my clothing is because it is exspenive to have some one else do it and we cant let non memebers whash garments, but my companion tells me it is different in other areas. the mission d osent like us getting packages over 10 pounds and it is very exspensive to send packages so i dont know what to say about that, i will keep you posted.
love you always Elder Myler
Mom and I were concerned with the "lunch is the one meal we actually eat"... Um, Elder Myler you need to eat! Silly boy. 
To Chelsey:
hi chelsey, yes my week was better lots of ups and downs but so long as i have a desire to serve and work hard it dosent matter what happens during the week. i always remind my self that difficulties help me to grow. regarding work on sundays, we go out and track and teach lessons after sunday so we work on sundays, i know it is something you are not use to and i know it must be hard not takeing the sacrament but dont forget that helping people make us more like Jesus and that when we are in the service of man we are in the service of god, so try and make the best of your situation and stay faithful, 
love elder myler

That is it for this week. Sorry it is short. I guess there isn't a whole lot to say? Or Elder Myler was too busy to send long emails this week. Who knows. 
Until next week, thanks for reading!
With love, 

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