Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Week Nine: Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Here is what Elder Myler has to say this week. We are always so happy to hear from him!

To Mom:
hey mom, so my money situation is pretty much normal, we get 100 dollars every two weeks and we actually bought food for the week last monday, so everything is just fine in that resepect, so pretty much all the food here is different when it comes to snacks, nothing is the same besides things like oreos and other very popoular products, so anything you send will be awsome, I am always finding differnent things i need to adjust to, it is hard sometimes getting along with the other elders in the house (and it dosent help that i dont know much spanish) but everyone says your first area is one of the hardest so i know i just gotta hang in there for a while, thanks for the update it is always nice to have a little slice of home every week.
Love Elder Myler

To Dad:
hey dad, i do get your emails everyweek so dont worry about that. i had a lot of emails last week and lost track of the time. so sorry about that. thanks for the message dad it relly helps. it isnt easy to feel the spirit right now, i am always a little stressed because i cant understand much during a lesson, but it dose get a little easier everyday. my companion and i had our first baptism this staurday and it was super cool. it wasnt very exstravagent but it was very spiritual we are going to celabrate with teh family tonight so i am excited for that. plus we have two other investigators who could get baptised this weekend if everything goes well so that is good. i am still trying to cope with all the stresses and challenged of the mission its is very hard, deflidently ther hardest thing i have done in my life so far, but that will just make everything else in life that much easier in the future.

To Myler Grandparents (Fred & Brenda):
hey thanks for the email, the whole washing my clothing is just garments becuse we cant let non members wash those so its not all that bad. its still hasent rained here but we will be in the rainy season soon so i am trying to enjoy the weather as it is now. thank you for your prayers, it is still very hard to get by without knowing much of the language but i have lots of time to practice so i will be better at it soon. love hearing from you both and i am still thankful for the support
Love Elder Myler

Elder Myler sent a lot of pictures this week, so if you haven't seen those check out my previous post!

Thanks so much!

With love,

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